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CITS3200 Projects and Clients 2019

Dr Richard Adams Network Deployment of Cyberforensic Tools
Dr Chris Bartley Chronic Illness Tracker App
Dr Dominique Blache Easy calibration of temperature data from animals
Dr Dominique Blache Integrated software to analyse episodic events in hormones profiles
Dr Dominique Blache Near-real-time analyse of episodic ultradian events in body temperature profiles
Ms Lindi Dube Work Smart - Return on Funds
Prof Richard Durham Using VR to visualise mining data
Prof Simon Farrell A game for studying multiple goal pursuit
Dr David Faulkner EarthScience Toolbox
Mr Matthew Fitzpatrick Purchase order tracking system
Dr Nicola Fraschini Online tool for oral feedback in foreign language learning
Dr Tim French Building a Natural Language Processing Interface for Understanding Football
Dr Tim French Autonomous Bluetooth car racing environment
Dr Tim French Online Competitions for AI Bots
Mr Keith Garven Automation of asset management processes
Mr Nigel Gaylard IoT Web interface
Dr David Glance Project Proposal Site
Ms April Harris SAGE Accommodation booking System
Dr Ghulam Mubashar Hassan Deformation measurement in Python
Mr Isaac Hochberg Sand failure tool
Ms Taylor Home Unigames Game Library Management and Borrowing System
Ms Jo Huggins UWA Paediatric Exercise Programs
Ms Elsa Isebe UWA Talent Acquisition
Mr Jay Jay Jegathesan PhD Student Expression of Interest and Application Management System - Phase 2
Mr Ron Jones Web based front end to Google cloud AI services
Dr Sato Juniper Higher Degree by Research data dashboard
Mr Tom Kay Mobile Assessment Centre Solution for Recruitment Team
Dr Kenneth Lee Development of a User-Populated Database to Allow Pharmacy Students to Create and Share Case Studies
Mr Mohammed Khaiata Sustainable Battery Supply Chain on Blockchain
Dr Wei Liu Data Warehouse and Web Front-end for the Largest Visual Field Datasets in WA
Dr Gemma Maisey Fatigue Risk Management Diagnostic Tool
Mrs Sina Mesiti Funding Opportunities Database
Mr Daniel Milford Glass for Enterprise development with Chironix
Prof Mark Nicol Developing visualisation tools for complex longitudinal datasets of microbial data from children with pneumonia
Mr Geoff Patching FBT Tax Assessment Tool - Meals and Entertainment
Dr Fran Pesich UWAHS Campus Walk - with Oral Histories
Prof Sharon Purchase Bee Product Quality Assurance Database and Webapp
Mr Callan Rose Advanced HE applicant management system
Ms Anita Roskell Database and statistical collection of information regarding the widowed community
Dr. Aleksey Sadekov Compiling different modules under one unifying software interface for geochemical data processing
Dr Julie Saunders An application and database for routine collection and storage of surveillance data in developing countries
Ms Lizzie Speechley Ethological software for fieldwork on Western Australian magpies
Dr Mike Snow Development of a Shellfish Aquaculture Industry Management System
Mr Ben Smith HobSwap
Dr Yu Tao A wechat-based survey tool for Chinese international students
Dr Jemma Todd A browser app for real-time cognition and behaviour recording
Dr Ramon Wenzel Pulse Survey Web App to Help Not-for-Profit Organisations and People
Dr Ramon Wenzel 360 Degree Feedback Web App to Help Not-for-Profit Organisations
Dr Ramon Wenzel Workforce Analytics Dashboard to Help Not-for-Profit Organisations
Mr John Wiese Calypso Stock Market Trading (5 sub-projects)
Ms Caitlin Woods A Web Application for Collaborative Ontology Visualisations

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