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Lecture Schedule

Due to coronavirus, the University has mandated that all lectures for Second Semester 2020 will be pre-recorded and available on Echo360, which you can get to via LMS. That is, no lectures are to be streamed on a given date and then made available via Echo360. So as not to overwhelm everyone, I shall release the talks each week in groups of three for you to watch as you wish. The talks are very much related to your future lives in the computing industry so should be of interest in any case, but in addition the material will be assessed via the Professional Development Portfolio.

Click on the lecturers to go to the recordings.

1 Mon. 27th July Watch this first Introduction to the Unit and Unit Information: Michael Wise slides
Team Dynamics : Sally Male slides
Introduction to Project Management: John Wiese, Thales slides
2 Mon. 3rd August Project Success Factors: Terry Woodings slides
Software Project Estimation: Terry Woodings slides
Ethical Issues 1: Alex Reid slides
3 Mon. 10th August Intellectual Property: Jani McCutcheon slides
Software Engineering, Principles versus Practice: Rebecca Ostergaard slides
Professionalism in Computing: Brenda McGivern slides
4 Mon. 17th August Ethical Issues 2: Alex Reid slides

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