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CITS3003 Graphics & Animation 2020 — Lectures

Unit Coordinator & Lecturer

Dr. Naveed Akhtar


Lab Facilitators

Asim Jalwana

Muhammad Ibrahim


Consultation Time

Fridays, 4:00-5:00pm.

Where: Room 1.12 in CSSE
Please make an appointment on email if you need to see me in person.



  • [24 Feb'20] Welcome to CITS3003
  • [20 Mar'20] Going online from 23.03.20.
  • [20 Mar'20] No graded mid-term test. Please refer to the changes made for online teaching on unit home page.
  • [07 Apr'20] Project released. Submission deadline 22.05.20.
Due to online teaching mode from 23.03.20 onward, lecture slides will only be added on weekly basis. These slides will closely follow the Mini-Lecture series. Material from the last year has been removed to give a clear picture of the unit's progression. Henceforth, all material on this page will pertian to SEM-1, 2020.

  1. Introduction and Image Formation 2020     MiniLec1.1     MiniLec1.2     MiniLec1.3
  2. Programming with OpenGL 2020     MiniLec2.1     MiniLec2.2     MiniLec2.3
  3. OpenGL - Pipeline Architecture 2020     MiniLec3.1     MiniLec3.2     MiniLec3.3     MiniLec3.4
  4. OpenGL - Example Program 2020     MiniLec4.1     MiniLec4.2     MiniLec4.3
  5. Vertex and Fragment Shaders-1 2020     MiniLec5.1     MiniLec5.2     MiniLec5.3     MiniLec5.4
  6. Vertex and Fragment Shaders-2 2020     MiniLec6.1     MiniLec6.2     MiniLec6.3     MiniLec6.4
  7. Representation 2020     MiniLec7.1     MiniLec7.2     MiniLec7.3
  8. Coordinate Frames 2020     MiniLec8.1     MiniLec8.2     MiniLec8.3
  9. Transformations 2020     MiniLec9.1     MiniLec9.2     MiniLec9.3
  10. Input, Interaction, and Callbacks 2020     MiniLec10.1     MiniLec10.2     MiniLec10.3
  11. Callbacks 2020     MiniLec11.1     MiniLec11.2     MiniLec11.3
  12. Mid semester test 2020   Solution of Mid semester test 2020

  13. 3D Hidden Surface Removal 2020     MiniLec12.1     MiniLec12.2     MiniLec12.3
  14. Example code: Sierpinski tetra
  15. Programming project released
  16. Computer Viewing 2020     MiniLec14.1     MiniLec14.2     MiniLec14.3
  17. Useful reference:
  18. Shading I 2020     MiniLec15.1     MiniLec15.2     MiniLec15.3
  19. Shading II 2020     MiniLec16.1     MiniLec16.2     MiniLec16.3
  20. Shading in OpenGL 2020     MiniLec17.1     MiniLec17.2     MiniLec17.3     MiniLec17.4     MiniLec17.5
  21. Texture Mapping 2020     MiniLec18.1     MiniLec18.2     MiniLec18.3
  22. Texture Mapping in OpenGL 2020     MiniLec19.1     MiniLec19.2     MiniLec19.3
  23. Example code: See example1.cpp in the CHAPTER07_CODE directory of
  24. Hierarchical Modelling 2020     MiniLec20.1     MiniLec20.2     MiniLec20.3
  25. 3D Modelling (Subdivision surfaces) 2020     MiniLec21.1     MiniLec21.2     MiniLec21.3

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