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CITS3003 Graphics & Animation 2020 — Laboratories

Unit Coordinator & Lecturer

Dr. Naveed Akhtar


Lab Facilitators

Asim Jalwana

Muhammad Ibrahim


Consultation Time

Fridays, 4:00-5:00pm.

Where: Room 1.12 in CSSE
Please make an appointment on email if you need to see me in person.



  • [24 Feb'20] Welcome to CITS3003
  • [20 Mar'20] Going online from 23.03.20.
  • [20 Mar'20] No graded mid-term test. Please refer to the changes made for online teaching on unit home page.
  • [07 Apr'20] Project released. Submission deadline 22.05.20.

Starting point for weekly labs

You may use Mac, Windows, or Linux for the labs in this unit, and you should even be able to swap easily between them. For the weekly labs, you'll need the following starting point.

The zip file above contains Makefile in each directory that has been known to work on the Mac and Linux in the CSSE Labs.

You may be tempted to install OpenGL on your own computers so that you can do all the lab exercises and project at home. Unless you have a very good system programming background, you are strongly recommended to use the computers supplied in the labs. It is a difficult task to install OpenGL and all the associated libraries and you may end up spending your time fixing installation problems rather than programming the lab exercises (and the project later on).

Weekly labs

  1. [Week 2] First Steps with OpenGL     [Sample solution]
  2. [Week 3] Colour and 2D Rotation     [Sample solution]
  3. [Week 4] More Rotation and Simple 3D     [Sample solution]
  4. [Week 5] Drawing and Transforming in 3D [Sample solution]
  5. [Week 6] Translations, Perspective and Meshes [Sample solution]
Sample solutions have been released for the labs.

Project 2020

Programming project

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