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CITS3200 Projects and Clients, 2017

(Please note that the list has not been finalised and is still growing.)

Dr Deena Ashoorian The My Medicines and Me Questionnaire (M3Q)
Dr Deirdre Bourke Online Tool for Setting Metrics to Assess Animal Wellbeing
Assoc Prof Michael Burton Kimberley Travel Survey Smartphone App
Assoc Prof Wendy Davis 10-year Hip Fracture Risk Calculator for Type 2 Diabetes App
Mr Thomas Drake-Brockman Data Extraction from Hospital Records
Mr Thomas Drake-Brockman Face Tagging with Google Glass
Mr Thomas Drake-Brockman Stock Management System
Assoc Prof Annette George Online Tool for Fieldwork Planning and Risk Assessment
Dr Jan Hemmi VR for Crabs
Dr Jan Hemmi Crab Eye Computer Tomography Image Cubes
Associate Professor Peter Henry Modelling how Drugs Work
Ms Vanessa Kirley EZONE Workspace Booking System
Ms Robyn Klaebe Business Impact Analysis Tool
Dr. Florian Klonek Research Impact Monitoring Tool
Dr Wei Liu Tracking Retractions
Mr John Pougher Engineering Research Project Allocations
Dr Katie Meehan A Learning Tool for Understanding Cancer Invasion and Metastasis
A/Prof Chris Power MMT: A Monitoring and Management Tool for Grand Challenge Supercomputer Simulations
Dr Maria Pushpanathan Detection of Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases
Dr Zarrin Siddiqui Understanding Clinical Placements
Dr Irina Tretiakova Data Processing Software for U-Pb Isotopic Dating and Trace-Element Composition of Zircons
Dr Julie Trotter Sample database for the Advanced Geochemistry Facility for Indian Ocean Research
Ms Aileen Walsh Connecting People, Places and Names through History
Ms Alissa Warne Small Talk: A Social App for Meaningful Conversations
Ms Jonathan Warne Physio Connect: A Clinical Mentoring Tool for Physiotherapists
Prof Andreas Wicenec A Visual Domain-Specific Language Editor

School of Computer Science & Software Engineering
The University of Western Australia

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