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Project Deliverables

Deliverable Description Marking
Sprint 1 (5%)
Sprint 2 (10%)
Sprint 3 (15%)

Individual Project Related Assessment

An mentioned in the introduction on the home page for the unit, in accordance with the University policy on assessment, group-based marks can account for a maximum of 30% of the final mark. In the case of CITS3200, this means the outputs of the three Sprints. (University policy also stipulates that all team members must be awarded the same mark.)

For the 45% of the final mark that remains after the group component of the project mark and the individual essay:

  • 15% is made up of the reflections for the 3 Sprints, i.e. 5% each. Each Sprint has its own reflection document, linked to the Sprint page.
  • The Group Relative Collegiality Computation is a peer assessment worth 10% of the final mark. The aim of this computation is to get each team member's estimate of the level of effort each member of your team (including you) put into collegiality over the course of the project. This is not specifically about the hours each person put into the project, but rather the effort that went into helping others, showing leadership, respecting other's opinions - even when not agreeing with them. In the computation, each team member is awarded a score out of 10, with 0 being for someone who has been utterly selfish, done nothing to help others (or the project), while 10 is someone who has gone considerably above the requirements to help others and ensure the Team as a whole has worked well. The final mark awarded for this component will be the median mark computed across the team.
  • There will be mark for Professionalism worth 10%, as judged by the Project Auditor and Unit Coordinator. Professionalism has many aspects, making it hard to set out a check list, but includes punctuality for meetings and level of preparation evident. Has the person thought through the task in hand and come with good questions, and contributed constructively to Team meetings and other interactions. If you were a Team Leader for a period, the assessment will include a judgement about the quality of of leadership shown; otherwise, your qualities as a team member. See also the guidelines used by project team Auditors. Any late submissions of weekly deliverables will detract from this mark, as will missing Team meetings (unless due to illness or other circumstances where Special Consideration would be applicable). It is expected that will have had at least two roles in the Team, so if you had just one, the maximum mark will be 8.
  • There is a mark, worth 10%, for contribution. That is, the mark reflects the total effort put into the project, as documented in the Booked Hours and supported by submissions to GitHub. The notional budget of hours per team member is 60hrs, which includes team meetings. More ambitious projects will, in general, result in higher marks for this component, but please realise that the couple of extra marks are not worth jeopardizing your other units. In general, a mark of 8 or greater is reserved for those whose contributions have been conspicuously above the team norm. By the same token, a poor mark will reflect significant under-performance.

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