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Please use help3200 for most communication with the Coordinator (Michael Wise). You may email him about things which are personal. When emailing always give your student ID, family and given names.

Michael Wise has a weekly consultation time in his office. Details of day and time are on the unit home page.

Ethics Resources

Material on the ethics assignment, lectures and marks will be posted here. The following sites are useful for computing ethics: These pages relate to equity topics:

CITS3200 Specific Computing Resources

Ashley Chew has written a guide to the version control system, Subversion, which may be found at: http://www.csse.uwa.edu.au/~ashley/fedora-ds/svn-22072008/svn-howto.htm Finally, if you have not done SED you may care to look at the overheads from a lecture on Software Process.

Some thoughts by John Wiese on Different Project Management Tools

Can be found here.

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