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Definition of Sprint 2

Given the Agile methodology that we are using in this unit, there is some abiguity in the deliverables due at the end of this Sprint. In essence, what your team should deliver (or demonstrate, as appropriate) are the set of interim goals you proposed at the end of Sprint 1. While the final system has to be delivered on the Client's system, for this Sprint's deliverables it is sufficient that the goals be demostrated on the development platform.

In addition, the team should submit the minutes of a Project Retrospective. This comes in two parts. The first is where the team has demostrated the project as it currently stands to the Client. The minutes should record the team's and the Clients thoughts about the system. The second part records the team's thoughts (without the Client) about how the project is tracking.

Finally, the team has to create the final set of stories to see the project to completion. If the team is tracking ahead where it expected to be at this stage, the new stories could include extensions to the project as originally envisaged. On the other hand, if difficulties have emerged, the new stories may involve reduction in project scope. Both situations need to be negotiated with the Client.

 Group Submission: Each team must submit:

  1. Any documents (if required by the Client) for Sprint 2 to the client.
  2. Descriptions of the new stories (sent to Client and Project Auditor).
  3. Minutes of the Client Project Retrospective (copy to the Client) and the internal Project Retrospective. Both of these should be emailed to the Project Auditor. (The can be combined into a single document for convenience.)

 Individual Submission:  As in Sprint 1, in addition to your participation in the team submission, you must also submit a reflection on your experiences in the unit thus far. To guide you in this task, a template can be found here. Complete the form and:

  1. Send the completed form to your Project Auditor.
  2. Submit the completed form via cssubmit.

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