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Personal Reflection Marking Criteria

There are three Personal Reflecions to be completed over the course of the project; each is tied to the end of a Sprint and based on a set of questions around which the reflection is structured. The questions are different in each Reflection, and each Reflection contributes 5% to the overall mark. However, there is a single rubric to be applied to all of the Reflections.

A Reflection is to be marked out of 15 (so divide by 3 to get the final mark for the Reflection). The score of 15 is composed of:

  • Quality of the Reflection (/10)
    • 0-1 Not submitted, or totally incomprehensible
    • 2-3 Glimmers of understanding about the questions being asked
    • 4-5 Substandard. Trite or flippant responses
    • 6-7 Showing some understanding of the intent of the questions and beginning of insight about team processes and interactions
    • 8-9 Genuine understanding of one's role in the team, what was being attempted and what may be learned.
    • 10 Stunning work (use this mark sparingly).

  • Quality of the writing (/5)
    • 0 Not submitted, utterly comprehensible
    • 1 Some flow of words, but utterly ungrammatical. Eschews punctuation, use of capital letters, etc.
    • 2 Major flaws in the writing, use of tenses, singulars and plurals, but intension moderately clear
    • 3 Intension moderately clear. Some lapses in grammar or punctuation.
    • 4 Clear writing, only very minor language issues
    • 5 Superb, congent arguments, elegantly stated (this mark used very sparingly)

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