Project Auditors: A marking guide

Assessing Teamwork and Leadership is a classic "I can't describe it, but I know it when I see it" scenario. However, these questions/ideas that you can ask yourself when watching team discussions will help frame your assessment of the students, and provide justification for their marks.




At each meeting attended by the Auditor, the Auditor will award each Team member a score in the range -3 to 3, where 0 implies no contribution, 3 implies solid leadership or considerable sensible and useful contributions, while -1 implies did not attend the meeting (unless there was a Special Consideration reason for not attending) and -3 implies disruptive behaviour, bullying, etc. (In the latter case, the Unit Coordinatior would need to be informed.) It is not intended that the mark for Professionalism simply be the sum of the meeting marks, but rather that the meeting scores be used to inform the Professional mark.