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CITS4419 Mobile and Wireless Computing

The research essay assignment is available from

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Lecture handouts, videos and readings are available from the links on this page. The labs and readings for each topic will also be published on this page during the semester. Please bookmark this schedule which will be updated as the semester progresses.

In this unit it is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of computer networks. If you need to revise or pick up this material I recommend you study the notes and resources for CITS3002 focussing on the first part (weeks 1 to 5) of that unit.

Here are two useful guides on how to read a research paper: Guide 1 and Guide 2

This schedule is under development and likely to change during the semester. Please refer to this web page and not a printed copy. Class times will be finalised by agreement of students in week 1.

Week Beginning Lectures
Tue 11am-12 RBSLT and
Wed 5-6pm CSSE 1.24
Lab Class
Wed 3-5pm CSSE 2.03
Reading Homework
1Jul 30 Introduction to Wireless sensor networks (WSNs),
Lecture 1 questions
No labs or Wed lecture in week 1 The hitchhiker's guide to successful wireless sensor network deployments (SenSys 2008)
2Aug 6 Wireless Communications,
Lecture 2 questions
Lab week 2: Deploying a WSN The Physical Layer in WSNs (book chapter by Pahlavan et al)
3Aug 13 WSN MAC protocols,
Lecture 3 questions
Lab week 3: Programming simple protocols Bachir MAC review, S-MAC, Flexi-MAC
4Aug 20 Long Range Wide Area (LoRa),
Lecture 4 questions
Lab week 4: LoRa Parameters Bor2017, Cattani2017, Marcelis2017
5Aug 27 Publish Subscribe with MQTT,
Lecture 5 questions (pdf)
Lab week 5: Publishing sensor data
6Sep 3 Work on Group Project
Sep 10 Work on Group Project
Sep 17 Work on Group Project
Sep 24 to Sep 28 Study Break (no lectures)
Oct 1 Fault Tolerance (part 1)
Lecture wk 9 questions (pdf)
Group Project Demonstrations 3pm to 5pm (Venue: ENCM: [ 261] Lecture Room second floor of Civil & Mechanical Building) The holes problem in WSN
flying ad hoc networks
BuildSense (virtual sensing)
Oct 8 Tuesday: Fault Tolerance (part 2)
Lecture wk 10 questions (pdf)
Wednesday: Guest lecture (Wed 10 October at 2pm CSSE 1.24) by Martin Abbott: The Internet of Things
Essay consultation
The holes problem in WSN
Selective jamming of LoRaWAN
Oct 15 Underground WSNs
Lecture wk 11 questions (pdf)
Essay consultation Underground sensor networks
ultra low power networks
Oct 22 LoRa parameters for minimal energy use
Lecture wk 12 questions (pdf)
Exam review session (exam cover sheet)
Essay consultation DixMatthews2018
Exam (November examination period)