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Definition of Sprint 1

There are five deliverables due at the end of this Sprint, whose aim is to set up the overall direction for the project, and to better understand the resources required. The deliverables are:
  1. A Scope of Work, or, in the language of the Scrum methodology, the Epic. That is, a general statement of what the project is to achieve. That statement can be as informal as a set of bullet points in a text document, or as formal as a Requirements Document (an example can be found here).

    The main thing your team has to realise is that, while the Agile methology assumes that project scope (i.e. requirements) can change, CITS3200 will, likely, be one of four units you are each doing this semester, so the team needs to be conscious of the time required. Therefore any departures from, or extensions to, the scope of work will have be carefully considered in the light of the time available to the team.

  2. A Skills and Resources Audit. The idea is that before you dive into the project the team should undertake an audit of what skills and tools the team needs to successfully carry out the project, and therefore what you need to learn/acquire (and from where).

  3. A Risk Register, i.e. a disccussion about possible risks to the project and how the team will minimise/ameliorate those risks.

  4. Project Acceptance Tests. How will you know that the project as been successful? Like the Scope of Work, this can be as informal as a bullet-point list or as formal a formal test manual, a template for which can be found here.

  5. A set of stories to be completed in Sprint 2, and a set of intermediate acceptance criteria to assess the products of that Sprint.

 Group Submission: Each team must submit:

  1. A single (Zip or tar) file with all the required documents sent to the Project Auditor via you Teams One Drive on MS Teams.
  2. A single (Zip or tar) file with all the required documents submitted via cssubmit.
  3. Either paper copies or a single (Zip or tar) file with all the required documents sent to the Client. (Ask the Client what format he/she prefers.)

 Individual Submission:  In addition to your participation in the team submission, you must also submit a reflection on your experiences in the unit thus far. To guide you in this task, a form (a MS-Word document) can be found here. Complete the form (MS-Word or PDF only, please) and submit the completed form via cssubmit.

Please also remember to log into your SPARK+ account and complete the group assessment survey for this sprint.

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