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Some representative past CITS2002 projects

CITS2002 is typically assessed through 2 programming projects, a mid-semester test, and a final examination. This page presents a list of some recently offered projects.

While these past projects may appear difficult, even under-specified, for many current students, keep in mind that each project was supported by specific lecture material, in-class demonstrations, starting code, sample solutions, and lots of discussion on our help forum.

  • 2022-1 - estimate some resource requirements of running a simplified cron for a month
  • 2022-2 - build and search a compressed index of the words found in files

  • 2021-1 - execute C-like cool programs on a stack-based machine
  • 2021-2 - detect duplicate files in a file-system

  • 2020-1 - simulate a pre-emptive process scheduler supporting inter-process communication using pipes
  • 2020-2 - a utility program to merge the contents of multiple tar archive files into a single tar archive file

  • 2019-1 - simulate a single-CPU, multi-device, pre-emptive process scheduler
  • 2019-2 - a single instance file-system

  • 2018 - bake - a simplified version of make supporting URLs as dependencies

  • 2017-1 - report WiFi statistics
  • 2017-2 - a simple Unix shell

  • 2016-1 - simulate OS process scheduling and disk I/O
  • 2016-2 - cfind - a Unix utility similar to find with a C-like syntax

  • 2015-1 - whichbus? - processing Transperth's Google Transit Feed data
  • 2015-2 - a simple Unix shell (a revised version of this project was set in 2017)

  • 2013, 2014 - revised versions of these projects were set in later years

  • 2012-1 - calculate Australian Football League statistics
  • 2012-2 - merge the contents of multiple directories

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