The University of Western Australia
School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

CITS1001 Object-oriented Programming and Software Eng

This unit introduces the language structures and techniques needed to write well-structured programs in the object-oriented paradigm using the Java programming language.

On completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. interpret the behaviour of simple Java programs;
  2. implement Java classes from specifications;
  3. understand and apply object-oriented design principles of information hiding and program by contract;
  4. make effective use of software development tools to write, test, debug, and document Java programs;
  5. use a software engineering process to develop small Java programs;
  6. critique the quality of Java programs using criteria such as readability, encapsulation, cohesion, and coupling.
  • Unit Co-ordinator: Lyndon While
  • Lecturers: Lyndon While, Arran Stewart
  • Lab facilitators: TBA
  • Lectures: 2 hours per week; labs: 2 hours per week; workshop: 1 hour per week
  • Consultation:
    - Arran: Tues 4–5 p.m., rm G.08, CSSE building
    - Lyndon: Tues 1–2 p.m., rm 1.14, CSSE building

Assessment Structure

Project 1 10% due Week 7
Mid-semester test 15% Thursday, Week 8
Project 2 15% due Week 13
Final exam 60% June exam period

To pass CITS1001, you must achieve ALL of the following:

  • an overall mark of at least 50%, AND
  • at least 40% in the test and Project 1 combined, AND
  • at least 40% in the final exam.