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Sprint 3 Marking Criteria

As with Sprint 2, clients are asked to bear in mind that maximum marks for a criterion, eg 5/5, should only be awarded sparingly. As before, the marks for group-based part of Sprint 3 will be the sum of the individual criteria. The marking critera of the components of Sprint 3 are:
  • The overall quality of user/system documention (/5)
  • 0Totally garbled
    1The document is: incoherently laid out; has little evidence of proof reading; inconsistent; difficult to use; very poorly written
    2The document has a little useful content but is seriously deficient on the other criteria; poorly written
    3A reasonable standard of presentation but has many small defects or content is imprecise or inconsistent
    4Very few errors in presentation
    5Remarkable job. Has high clarity and appeal

  • Acceptance Tests (/20)
  • 0It was impossible to start the system at all
    1-4System did start up, but failed to work much at all
    5-8Some important features worked, but not reliably
    9-12A few essential facilities, about 40% of the value ($40), work reasonably reliably
    13-16A majority of the facilities, about 70% of the value ($70), work more or less
    17-19Pretty much everything that was planned was implemented and worked faultlessly

  • Additional Features (/5)
  • These marks will only be awarded if more than 60% of the acceptance tests have passed. This is an opportunity for your group to show real virtuosity, but bells and whistles should never be at the expense of solidly implementing the basic functionality.
    0No additional features
    1-2Some minor additional features
    3-4Many/Major worthwhile additional features

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Last modified: 1 July 2020
Created by: Michael Wise