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Definition of Sprint 3

The heart of the deliverables for this Sprint is the final system, which is to be delivered, both as source code and as an installed sytems on the client's platform of choice.

In addition, as in Sprint 2, the team should submit the minutes of a Project Retrospective, and as before, this comes in two parts. The first is where the team has demostrated the project to the Client and obtained feedback. The second part records the team's thoughts (without the Client) about how the project has gone and how the project timing compares with what was expected.

 Group Submission: Each Team must submit:

  • Any Project documents (as required by the Client) for Sprint 3 to the client. At the very least, beyond the system itself, the Team should supply an installation guide and a user guide (which can be in the same document).
  • A copy of the Minutes of the Client Project Retrospective to the Client, with the Minutes and the internal Project Retrospective going to the Auditor via OneDrive. The two document going to the Auditor can be combined into a single document for convenience.
  • Given the size of some projects (due to being components of larger systems), or IP issues, it may not be practical or ethical to submit the code and accompanying documents via cssubmit. As before, CITS5206 Teams please use the CITS3200 submission portal. However, in general, it is important that your Team submit the final submit the code via cssubmit if possible, firstly to act as a timestamp and secondly to act as a backup source, particularly post the end of the semester.

 Individual Submission: 

  • As in Sprint 2, in addition to your participation in the team submission, you must also submit a reflection on your experiences in the unit thus far. To guide you in this task, a form can be found here. Complete the form (MS-Word or PDF only, please) and submit the completed form via cssubmit.

    Please also remember to log into your SPARK+ account and complete the group assessment survey for this Sprint.

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