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Sprint 2 Marking Criteria

As with Sprint 1, clients are asked to bear in mind that maximum marks for a criterion, eg 5/5, should only be awarded sparingly. As before, the marks for group-based part of Sprint 2 will be the sum of the individual criteria. The marking critera of the components of Sprint 2 are:
  • Extent to which the goals for Sprint 2 were met (/10).
    0Nothing to show
    1-3About 25% of the goals have been completed, or more, but less well
    4-6About 50% of the goals have been completed, or more, but less well
    7-9About 75% of the goals have been completed, or more, but less well
    10Everything done, and completed to an exceptional standard

  • Quality of the retrospective (from the client's perspective) (/5)
    This is not about whether the goals of Sprint 1 were met, but the quality of the Teams assessment about process of meeting those goals. What went well? What did not go so well? What can be improved?
  • 0Nothing to show
    1A rudimentary or very abbreviated discussion
    2A reasonable discussion, but with significant omissions or other issues
    3A reasonable discussion with some insights
    4A superior discussion with evidence of solid understanding of the what has occurred and the processes going forward
    5Utterly outstanding

  • Coherence and reasonablenesss of the set of next set of goals (stories) (/5)
  • 0No plan
    1Incoherent set of goals that bear little relationship to desired final outomes
    2Sprint 3 goals bear some relationship to final outcome
    3Sprint 3 goals clearly heading to final outcome, but are either too close (essentially just final goal recapitulated) or too unambitious, leaving far too much for the final Sprint
    4A solid set of goals, with appropriate phasing, but something missing
    5An extremely solid plan

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Last modified: 17 September, 2019
Created by: Michael Wise