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Personal Reflection Marking Criteria

There are three Personal Reflecions to be completed over the course of the project; each is tied to the end of a Sprint and based on a set of questions around which the reflection is structured. The questions are different in each Reflection, and each Reflection contributes 5% to the overall mark. However, there is a single rubric to be applied to all of the Reflections.

A Reflection is to be marked out of 10 (so will be divided by 2 to get the final mark). The score reflects the quality of the reflection, taking into account both the content and how the reflection is expressed. It is assumed that the responses to each question will be in thoughtful, high quality English paragraphs, not point-form.

  • 0 ≤ N < 1: Not submitted, or totally incomprehensible
  • 1 ≤ N < 3: Glimmers of understanding about the questions being asked, or major flaws in the writing
  • 3 ≤ N < 5: Substandard. Trite or flippant responses, or significant flaws in the writing, e.g. use of tenses, singulars and plurals
  • 5 ≤ N < 7: Showing some understanding of the intent of the questions and beginning of insight about team processes and interactions or intension moderately clear, but some lapses in grammar or punctuation
  • 7 ≤ N < 9: Genuine understanding of one's role in the team, what was being attempted and what may be learned; Clear writing, only very minor language issues
  • 9 ≤ N ≤ 10: Stunning work, acute observations peerlessly expressed (use this mark sparingly).

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