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Guidelines for Mentors and Project Teams

These guidelines are written for the Mentors. A secondary purpose is to provide information on the process for students.

Purpose of Mentors

The mentoring process is designed to:
  • Support project teams during the project
  • Give guidance on techniques common to all projects, e.g. project planning, testing
  • Assist with the conduct of a post mortem
  • Identify project groups or individuals at risk
  • To help individuals to gain the most from the project (through reflection)
The Mentor is to act as a Consultant on the process and standard techniques as project groups are likely to be short of project management skills and this is likely to be a fruitful area for guidance from the mentor.

Meetings and Other Contact

There are to be four meetings with the Mentor and Project Team. Subject to Mentor availability, meetings must take place in the weeks provided in the Timetable as these are keyed to deliverables, but the times and venues should suit the Mentor's work commitments. Duration of meetings is 45 minutes.

Content of Meetings

Mentors will actively lead the discussion in meetings according to a pre-arranged agenda. The meetings will focus as follows:
  • Preview of the project and Sprint 1 for first meeting
  • Preview of Sprint 2 (getting down to the actual project).
  • Review of Sprint 2 processes and preview of Sprint 3. Are thinks on track?
  • The last is a Post Mortem.
Project groups are expected to keep minutes of the Mentor meetings.

The Mentor should advise the Unit Coordinator if there are problems with a project group, or inconsistencies between project groups or projects, lack of programming skills, undue conflict and the like.

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Last modified: July 18, 2018

Created by: Michael Wise