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Formative Assessment in CITS2002 Systems Programming

UWA's University Policy on Assessment (21 July 2021) states that all coursework students must be provided with formative feedback in the first half of a teaching period in each unit.

Formative assessment is assessment for learning, meaning an assessment item or activity that has a developmental purpose with feedback for students about their learning. Formative assessment which may include: self-assessment; peer-assessment; teacher-assessment; and collaborative-assessment. Basically, it's assessment that doesn't contribute to your final mark/grade, but that you may (optionally) use to gauge "how you are going" in the unit.

This is in contrast to summative assessment which is assessment of learning, meaning any assessment that contributes to the final grade/mark of a unit to provide a measure of student performance in relation to the learning outcomes and assessment criteria. Items of summative assessment in Computer Science typically include quizzes, programming projects, and final written examinations.

Prior to 2021, before COVID-19 disrupted most of our face-to-face teaching, CITS2002 Systems Programming employed a mid-semester test, as an item of summative assessment.

The multi-choice test provided 20% of the unit's assessment (projects provided less than they currently do), and ran for 45 minutes in a standard lecture venue during a lecture time.

This year we will use two past mid-semester tests as items of formative assessment. They have not been re-formatted, so they have the years 2019 and 2020 on them.

To get the most benefit from these items of formative assessment, you should attempt them under "test conditions" - attempt them in the standard time limit of 45 minutes, and without reference to any notes, textbooks, or a computer.

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