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CITS2002 Systems Programming

CITS2002 Programming and Systems - Project 1 Feedback (2015)

Thanks to the 57 (of 174) students who completed the survey. Presented below are links to your feedback, including all 'numeric' questions, and the ones for which you provided comments. Overall, the consensus appears that students were interested in the project, appreciated its relationship to the learning objectives of the unit, but that more time would have been appreciated.

As is seen in many university surveys, a number of comments recommended "more of something". Unfortunately many of these requests cannot be met because the unit is presented under a number of financial and time constraints - for example, we're funded based on the number of students enrolled in the unit, pay lab demonstrators and markers according to standard rates of pay, and those involved in the unit do have other responsibilities each week. The presentation of this unit is 'following' the same constraints as all other units in our Faculty.

It appears important to reiterate that the unit's UWA Handbook entry lists as Advisable Prior Study for this unit, one of CITS1001, CITS1401, or CITS2401, and ECM Study Guides including CITS2002 provide opportunity to study at least one of these units in earlier semesters.

Please have a look through the comments of your peers, and the replies I've made in blue to some of them. If you're a student who felt that the project was far too difficult, or one who felt it far too easy, you will see the (traditional) diversity of opinions and satisfaction is quite notable. Of course, please follow-up with any additional comments or questions via email, or on our help forum.

Chris McDonald
September 2015.

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

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