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CITS2002 Systems Programming

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CITS2002 Systems Programming

  • The date of the final examination has been published.
    If you already know that you cannot sit the examination please let your Faculty Office know (not Chris McDonald), as soon as possible.

The final examination - 2019

  • The exam contributes 40% of your assessment in the unit.

  • The duration of the exam will be 2 hours (no additional reading time).

  • The exam is closed-book - no books, notes, or electronic devices.

  • The exam will consist of 6 questions each of equal value (10 marks each). Your are required to attempt all 6 questions.

  • All questions will be short-answer style questions (no multiple choice), with answers to be written in a standard examination answer book.

  • The C code and functions that you write will not be rigorously assessed for its syntactic accuracy, although clear use of identifier names, control-flow, and indentation, will be sought to assess the intention of your answers.

  • Questions may be drawn from material covered in lecture notes, the recommended reading (textbooks), and laboratory and workshop work - all available via our webpages.
  • The 2017 final exam paper PDF (2017 marks - average of 33.5 / 60, stddev of 12.6),
    (ignore Q3a, as memory-segmentation was not covered in 2019)
    and the 2018 final exam paper PDF (2018 marks - average of 31.7 / 60, stddev of 13.5)

    which may be used as representative sample final papers.
    When discussing these questions on help2002, please include the year and question number in the subject line of your post.

  • Sample answers to past exam papers will not be provided.

The mid-semester test - 2019

The mid-semester test will be held during the Friday workshop of Week-5. The test covers all material covered in lectures (up to and including Lecture-10), and in workshops and laboratories (up to and including Week-5). The knowledge gained from laboratory exercises will come from the standard questions on each labsheet, not from the harder 'chilli' questions (unless that knowledge is covered in the standard questions of following weeks).

Specific details about the mid-semester test:

  • The test will be held on 9AM, Friday 30th August.

  • The test will be held in 2 different venues:

    Surnames A-S : Social Science Lecture.Th
    Surnames T-Z : Fox Lecture Hall (ARTS)

  • The duration of the test will be 45 minutes, commencing at exactly 9am (so don't be late).

  • The test contributes 20% of your assessment in the unit.

  • The test will consist of 20 multi-choice questions.

  • Each question will have 4 choices (A..D), to be answered in black pen or pencil on the provided multi-choice answer sheet.

  • Each question is worth 1 mark.

  • Written material (books, notes, etc.) and electronic devices (calculators, computers, smart-watches, mobile-phones, etc.) are not permitted.

  • The actual 2017 test paper (2017 marks - average of 13.1 / 20, stddev of 3.6), and
    the analysis of the 2017 test paper (includes answers).
    the actual 2018 test paper (2018 marks - average of 14.4 / 20, stddev of 3.8), and
    the analysis of the 2018 test paper (includes answers).

    which may be used as a representative sample test papers.

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