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CITS5501 Software Testing and Quality Assurance


Workshop exercises (15%)

Each workshop will include practical exercises to be completed either individually or in small groups; exercises for three workshops will be assessed (and are to be done individually).

The assessment rubric for assessed workshop exercises is available here.

The exercises should be fairly straightforward – it’s intended that they could be completed during the workshop itself on a single A4 sheet of paper, and handed in at the end.

However, since not all students can attend the workshop, a little extra time is permitted, and submission can be made via cssubmit.

Each assessed exercise will therefore be released shortly after the end of a Tuesday lecture, and be be due for submission either at the workshop, or via cssubmit, up until the workshop ends (11 a.m. Wed).

If submitted at the workshop, put answers on an A4 page; hand-written is fine, as long as I can read it.

If submitting via cssubmit, submit a 1-page A4 pdf file. (PDFs can be exported from MS Word and most other word processing software – if you don’t know how to do this, just Google “export ms word pdf”.) Additionally:

  • The PDF should clearly show your name and student number
  • The font for body text should be between 9 and 12 points and easily readable when printed out.

See also the tips for using cssubmit below.

Week 3 workshop exercises

  • The week 3 workshop exercises are available here. Your answers are due by 11 a.m., 11 March.
  • Marks for the week 3 workshop exercises are available from csmarks.
  • Model solutions are available here.
  • Some general feedback on the submissions is available here.
  • A copy of your marked submission should also be available via cssubmit.

Week 6 workshop exercises

  • The week 6 workshop exercises are available here.
  • Q&A for the week 6 exercises here.
  • Model answers for the week 6 exercises.


  • The project is available here. Your submissions are due by 23:59 pm, Sunday 31st May via cssubmit.

  • We will spend time in the workshops in weeks 9-10 on project-related questions.

  • The project solutions are available here.

Tips for using cssubmit

  • Make sure you submit in the correct format (specified for each assessment).

  • Make sure you have agreed to the submission conditions and confirmed this is original work

  • Print off the confirmation page as a record afterwards

  • The end result should look something like this (click for a larger image); make sure it says 1 file was submitted and validated successfully.

Exam (50%)

There will be a 2-hour exam in the June examination period.

The exam has 5 questions, each worth 10 marks for a total of 50 marks. So aim to tackle each question in 24 minutes.

Each question will present you with a software testing scenario and ask you to:

  • make recommendations for testing or quality assurance strategies and techniques
  • answer questions about test coverage, or
  • write test cases and/or specify fixtures.

All answers must be thoroughly justified, any working/calculations should be shown, and any assumptions made should be clearly stated.

The 2020 exam is open book. Any hard-copy notes may be used, but not computers or mobile devices. Calculators are not required for the CITS5501 exam.

Exam format

The CITS5501 exam will be conducted using Examplify – see the University’s Online Exams FAQ. The university will also schedule a mock exam, so you can ensure the software works, before the day of the exam.

If you do not have access to suitable hardware and software for running Examplify, note that you can request access to a loan device from the University: see the Exam FAQ entry here:

Also, as per the exam information here, any student has the opportunity to opt out of using Examplify either before or after they test the program with a mock exam, should they have unresolved concerns about the software.

Previous exams

Selected copies of exams from previous years are available via the UWA Library – use OneSearch, and search for “CITS5501”. But note that the topics covered do vary somewhat from year to year.