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CITS4001 Honours in Computer Science and Software Engineering — Sem1-starters

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Dr. Chris McDonald
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During the honours year, you are expected to complete four units (24 credit points in total) and a 24-credit point research project. The research project is coded as two 12 credit point units, one for each semester. CITS4001 for project part 1 and CITS4002 for part 2. In each semester CITS4001 will include an introductory set of five lectures covering document preparation in latex, literature reviews, seminar presentations and research techniques. In 2019, the schedule is as follows:

Week Date Topic
24/3/19Public holiday
311/3/19Latex and proposal writing
418/3/19Bibtex and literature review
525/3/19Beamer and seminar presentations
61/4/19Research and dissertation writing
78/4/19Proposal presentations

The table below provides a guide to a standard enrollment plan if you start your honours study in the first semester of 2016. Note unit offerings may be subject to change. In summary, a standard enrollment for each semester would be the project unit, plus two course work units. If you are considering overloading a semester, it would be better to overload the first half of your honours year. For overloading, a special approval form needed to be submitted to the honours coordinator for consideration.

For your convinince, the Unit Code in the table is linked to UWA handbook, and the Unit Name is linked to the unit's home page.

Semester Required? Unit Code Unit Name
Semester 1
Required CITS4001 Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Project Part 1
Choose Two CITS4402 Computer Vision
CITS4403 Computational Modelling
CITS5508 Machine Learning
Semester 2
Required CITS4002 Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Project Part 2
Choose Two CITS4404 Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Systems
CITS4419 Mobile and Wireless Computing
CITS5503 Cloud Computing

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