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CITS3002 Computer Networks

Final examination in 2020

For students undertaking their final exam using the Examplify software:

  • The exam provides 60% of your assessment in CITS3002 this semester.

  • The exam will be managed by Examplify software on your own laptop or desktop computer.

  • The total length of the exam is 2 hours and 15 minutes, allowing 2 hours for the exam, and 15 minutes for you to upload your answers.

  • The exam is closed-book. You may not use any resources such as textbooks or prepared notes, but you may write on sheets of blank paper to help you plan your answers.

  • You will not require a calculator, or graph paper, and will not be required to draw any diagrams in your answers.

  • The exam has 4 questions of equal value (20 marks each), with each question having 2 or 3 parts. You are required to attempt 3 full questions.

  • If you attempt all 4 questions, only the first 3 questions that you attempt will be marked. Your 4th question will be ignored.

  • There is no opportunity during the exam to ask for any clarifications so, near the top of any answer, state any (unusual) assumptions that you have made in answering each question.

  • The way that questions are presented in Examplify may be a little confusing, because it allocates a new question number for each item requiring an answer. So, unfortunately, our exam's 4 questions each appear (in order) as 2 or 3 Examplify questions:
    Our Q1 - Examplify questions 1 and 2.
    Our Q2 - Examplify questions 3, 4, and 5.
    Our Q3 - Examplify questions 6 and 7.
    Our Q4 - Examplify questions 8 and 9.

  • Each question is to be completed by typing your answer into a standard textbox of unlimited size.

  • The subject matter of the questions has been drawn from lecture notes, the recommended textbooks, and laboratory and project work.

  • The exam will not cover any coding. However, one of more questions may ask you to develop some pseudo-code, or code resembling Java, Python, or C. The syntactic correctness of your code will not be assessed.

  • The 2017 and 2018 final examinations are representative of the format and question style for 2020 (the exam of 2019 was a different format, open-book exam).

    Note that:
    • Q3b from 2017, Q3a from 2018, and Q4a from 2018, all required students to draw diagrams to support their answers. While the 2020 exam will not require the drawing of any diagrams, you should be able to provide written answers to these questions.
    • Q4 from 2017 addresses content that was not covered in 2020.

    2017 Final ExaminationPDF   The 2018 Final ExaminationPDF

    Sample answers to the sample examination papers will not be provided.

  • Please post requests for clarification about any aspect of the final examination to help3002 so that all students may remain equally informed.


24 students have opted-out of sitting their final exam using Examplify, one of whom is hoping to graduate this semester.

Good luck,

Chris McDonald.
May 2020.

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