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School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

CITS3001 Algorithms, Agents and Artificial Intelligence

The mid-semester test will be held in the workshop in Week 8. The test is worth 20% of the total mark for the unit, and it examines all of the material discussed in the lectures and lab classes up to week 7.

Post requests for clarification about any aspect of the test to help3001.

Practical Details:

  • The test will last 50 minutes: it will take place in the normal workshop time and venue.
  • The test will examine the material discussed up to and including the lecture in Week 7.
  • All questions should be answered.
  • No books, notes, calculators, or other assistance will be allowed.
  • Follow all instructions from the invigilators.
  • If you need special arrangements for the test (e.g. extra time), please let me know asap.


You will be required to describe the principles and operation of some of the important algorithms that we have covered, and also to illustrate the operation of those algorithms on given example problems. No coding will be involved.

Note that some of these sample papers are for CITS4211: the CITS3001 test could potentially cover any of the material covered in Weeks 1-7 of 2019.