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CITS3002 Computer Networks

Mid-semester test:

  • Details to follow.

  • The test paper covers all material discussed in lectures, and concepts introduced in laboratories up to and including Week 6.

  • If a question asks for a diagram, then a relevant and correct diagram, will provide most of the question's marks.

  • The questions will not test any coding, nor specific commands or syntax.

Some sample mid-semester test questions.

Final examination:

  • The exam provides 60% of your assessment in CITS3002 this semester.

  • 2 hours. No additional reading time.

  • The exam has 4 questions of equal value (20 marks each), with each question having 2 or 3 parts. You are required to attempt 3 full questions.

  • If you attempt all 4 questions, only the first 3 questions that you attempt will be marked. Your 4th question will be ignored.

  • Questions may be drawn from lecture notes, material commonly found in the recommended textbooks, and laboratory work. You should ensure that you have copies of all lecture handouts, and laboratory sheets - all available via our webpages,

  • The exam will not cover any coding. However, one of more questions may ask you to develop some pseudo-code, or code resembling Java or C. The syntactic correctness of your code will not be assessed.

  • A sample examination paper will be provided closer to the exam.


Good luck,

Chris McDonald.
February 2020.

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