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CITS4407 Open Source Tools and Scripting

Moving to Online Teaching

Following UWA's decision to move all non-essential face-to-face teaching to an online format, we're making changes to the presentation and assessment of CITS4407.

In preparation for participating in online lectures and laboratory sessions, please download the Zoom virtual meeting software for your desktop or laptop computer, or your mobile device. We will also continue to use our help4407 help forum for official announcements, questions, answers, and discussion.

Our Zoom URLs

Lecture, Thursday 3pm-4pm (recorded) Will be pre-recorded, no Zoom streaming
Thursday Laboratory, 4pm-6pm
Friday Laboratory, 12pm-2pm
Consultation (Office) hours, Wed 3pm-5pm

Weekly lecture - Thursday 3pm-4pm

Weekly lectures will continue, and will be presented using Zoom. We will not be using the Robert Street Lect.Th. until further notice. Lecture sessions will continue to be recorded.

Weekly laboratory sessions

The computing laboratories in the CSSE building and UWA libraries are now CLOSED.

The weekly laboratory sessions, at 4pm-6pm Thursdays and 12pm-2pm Fridays will continue, but on Zoom to answer your questions. We will not be using CSSE Lab 2.01 until further notice.

Consultation times (Office hours)

My consultation times will continue as before - on 3pm-5pm Wednesdays. A Zoom channel has been created for these times. I will also be in my office, Rm 2.20 of the CSSE Building, or you may email for an appointment. Please include 'CITS4407' in your email's Subject line.

Mid-semester non-teaching period

The non-teaching period, from Friday 10th April until Sunday 19th April, is unchanged.

Programming assignments

The programming assignments' contribution will remain unchanged. No further details about the assignments are available yet. Details to follow.

Final examination

The final examination will be held online. It is not yet known how the final examination will be conducted, or what its format will be.
The final exam's contribution will remain at 50%.


Good luck, we're all going to need some.

Chris McDonald.
March 2020.

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