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Assignment 2 Clarifications

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This page provides any clarifications, more detailed explanations, or corrects any errors identified after the project description was released. This page will be updated with responses to any common problems or misunderstandings posted on help4407 or asked via email.

For all tasks you may assume that the correct number of command-line arguments are provided, that all inputs are in the correct format, and that any input files exist and are readable.

Task 1 - updateversion
  • none yet.

Task 2 - web logfiles
  • none yet.

Task 3 - Trains to the Rottnest ferry
  • 16th May - Train stations are termed primary stations (their first column of stops.txt is '1'). Train platforms are just 'plain' stops, and are owned by primary stations (their first column of stops.txt is '0').

    The primary stops of interest are Fremantle Train Station (id=87), Perth Train Station (id=56), and Perth Underground Station (id=64).

  • 21st May - The requirement to produce a Google Map of your trip has been removed.
    Have your script simply print out your starting location, the departure time from your starting location, and the train stations where you get on and off any trains; any clear format is suitable.


Chris McDonald
May 2020.

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