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School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

CITS4406 Problem Solving and Programming

The unit will introduce the fundamentals of problem solving in computers using the Python programming language. As such, concepts relating to problem-solving will be interspersed with material about Python. 

Note that lectures for CITS4406 will be held jointly with CITS1401. 

This site will NOT be updated any futher. Use the CITS1401 website for everything concernging this unit.

Lectures commence in the first week of semester. Students are expected to attend all lectures. That is, students should not enroll in this unit if they cannot attend these lecture times.

Note however that the lecture content does not define the whole unit. Attending lectures and reviewing the material comprises maybe a third of the effort required for this unit. The remainder of the time should be spent reading a text, possibly an online tutorial, and attempting the lab exercises. Further details of the expectations on you can be found on the Help page.

Exam discussion will be done in the last workshop on Fri 3rd June 2016 (PDF slides).

Lectures on the web:

Recordings of the lectures are available through lecture capture system (LCS). Nothing else will be distributed through LCS.

Outside the lecture, students are expected to complete further programming exercises duing the lab sessions, and can get further help during the lecturer's consultation time.

Remember that the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked: in a unit of this size, if you don't understand something, certainly there will be many others who don't understand it.