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School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

CITS4406 Problem Solving and Programming

Becoming proficient at programming and problem solving requires significant practice. Lab classes are self-paced sessions where students practice improving their technical skills under the supervision of a lab demonstrator who will answer questions and assist with difficulties. In addition to providing a number of simplified revision exercises that reinforce recent lecture content, each labsheet will also discuss an important problem-solving technique that can be used to solve problems in computers. Thus, labsheets both complement the existing lecture material and impart new skills to the student.

1 29 February No labs during first week (sort our your login accounts etc)
2 7 March
Labsheet 1: Getting started with IDLE solns
3 14 March
Labsheet 2: Writing & testing a simple program solns
4 21 March
Labsheet 3: Graphics programming solns
5 29 March
Labsheet 4: Strings and Lists solns
6 4 April
Labsheet 5: Text formatting solns
7 11 April Project 1
18 April
8 25 April Project 1
9 2 May
Labsheet 6: Loops and decision structures solns
10 9 May
Labsheet 7: Recursion solns
11 16 May Project 2
12 23 May
13 30 May

Lab classes take place in 2.03 in the CSSE Building, commencing in Week 2. Students are expected to attend the lab held on Thursdays 3:00-6:00PM, as listed on the UWA Timetable. Students should use these sessions to ask programming-related questions about the unit and to seek assistance in completing the posted programming exercises.

Although lab exercises are not directly assessed, their regular completion is considered essential in order to maintain satisfactory progress in the unit. Note that completing these labsheets will require preparation and effort outside of your allocated lab session. For more information about how lab sessions run in this unit, read the General Information About Labs document.