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CITS4405 Relational Database Management Systems

How CITS4405 works.

Welcome to CITS4405.

I will be your unit coordinator in this unit for the semester.

This is a new unit in the conversion Masters of IT. However, as a conversion masters we are making sure that you have a solid grounding in undergraduate computing knowledge, and the unit covers the same material as a UWA undergraduate unit called CITS1402 RELATIONAL DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS.

During the semester we will be following the same topics and learning material as the undergraduate unit. In fact, you will have the option of attending CITS1402 lectures or watching recordings of them. The live CITS1402 lectures are at 9am on Mondays and 11am on Thursdays. One hour each. See

At other times during each week you can attend a CITS4405 tutorial or lab class with me. These will be 2 hours long at 3pm each Monday.

In the first week only, I will also meet you in person at 2pm on Monday.

Here is a link to the CITS1402 web page (which will include a link to recorded lectures).

I look forward to working with you this semester.

Best regards

Mark CITS4405 Unit Coordinator

Recent News:

July Welcome to the Databases unit. Lectures for CITS4405 start in the week beginning 27th July 2015, week 1. Tutorials start in week 2.

Assessment Structure:

The assessment for CITS4405 comprises weekly assessed exercises, an assignment in two parts, and a final exam.

Assessment % of final mark Assessment Dates
Weekly Exercises 10% about every week (starting week 2)
Pre-Project Design 10% Week 7
Project 20% Week 13
Examination 60% November Examination Period