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CITS4009 Introduction to Data Science
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CITS4009 Introduction to Data Science - Exam information for 2017

The final exam for CITS4009 will be held in November 2017 and is worth 60% of your final mark.

It will be a two hour short answer exam. You write answers in exam answer booklets that will be provided.

There will be five questions each worth 12 marks. So that is 60 marks in total.

The exam will cover material from across the lecture course and text book (except chapter 9 which we skipped).

A typical question will have two equal parts that might relate to different chapters. Most require written answers in paragraphs, or bullet points. It is possible that you might also need to draw a small diagram or use short fragments of R code.

Here is a typical question.

Lecturers are available by appointment via [email protected] over the study and exam period.

Good luck