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CITS3403 Agile Web Development — Midterm

Unit Coordinator

Dr Tim French

Phone: 64882794

Lab Facilitator

Mr Tom Smoker, Mr Haolin Wu


Consultation Time

Where: CSSE rm 2.14
Time: Wednesday 12-2pm
No appointment needed.



  • [14 Feb 2020] This unit currently has 190 CITS3403 students and 40 CITS5505 students enrolled. Almost twice as many as last year!
  • [14 Feb 2020] Labs, lectures and workshops all start in week 1.
  • [24 Feb 2020] Update: Labs will be starting in week 2.
  • [24 Feb 2020] Welcome to the first day of semester. The first class will be the lecture on Wednesday at 2.

Midterm Test

Past Midterm Tests

Midterm Reference Material

The following three references will be printed out for everyone of you as references. You DO NOT need to print it yourself. Just get familiar with the format of each reference.

Midterm Time/Venue and Procedures

The midterm test will take place on 2nd of April 2020 from 2:00pm - 2:50pm, and the venue will be the Engineering Lecture Theatre 1 ENCM:G06.

The midterm test has been cancelled for safety reasons, and will be replaced by the website design project.

The below information is still useful for practice and learning, and last years mid-term is avaiable if you would like to attempt it.

The test will consist of short answer questions. Each question will be worth approximately 5 marks, with 20 marks in total. The time allowed will be 45 minutes. It is important that you come to the venue on time.

It is a "closed-book" test. You will be asked to wait outside while the room is set up, then you will be asked to leave any bags and other materials at the front. You will only need writing implements.

The questions will be on material from the lectures and labs (including any readings specified in the labs). You could be asked for example to define concepts, explain the rationale behind them or the history of how they came about, discuss the issues involved or the decisions made and provide advantages and disadvantages of alternatives. You could also be asked to write some code.

You should take the number of marks assigned to a question as a guide to the amount required. For example, a question worth one mark is typically looking for one point of knowledge, so writing a one page essay would not be good use of your time. Similarly, if a question is worth three marks, it is typically looking for three points (for example a definition, how it is used, and an issue) and providing only a definition (no matter how elaborate) would only score one mark. Make sure that you read the questions carefully to see what they are asking for.

Your answers do not need to use lengthy prose. You may use bullet points when relevant.

Some sample questions have been provided on the website. Of course these are to give you an idea of the style of questions, and not the specific content of the questions in the test. Further review questions and examples for extra practice can be found in the text.

Sample Questions

  1. Explain the relationship between HTML and CSS. How can a developer use them to imporve the modularity and maintainability of the website? [4 marks]

  2. A common function of a program editor such as Emacs is to do bracket matching. Write a JavaScript program that prompts the user for a single line of code, and then reports whether the parentheses match. (That is, whether each opening parenthesis is matched by a corresponding closing parenthesis.) [5 marks]

  3. What is the Document Object Model? What is its purpose? (That is, what does it allow? Give at least two points for this.) [2 marks]

  4. What is the difference between the world wide web and the internet? [1 mark]

  5. Explain how you can use CSS to layout a web page. [2 marks]

  6. Explain how JavaScript's object-orientation is prototype-based. [2 marks]

  7. Write a JavaScript function that, for any identified section of text (hint:using the id element) in an HTML document, changes each occurrence of a user-specified string to another user-specified string. (Note: Change only if the whole word matches) [4 marks]

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