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CITS3403 Agile Web Development — Examinfo

Unit Coordinator

Dr Tim French

Phone: 64882794

Lab Facilitator

Mr Tom Smoker, Mr Haolin Wu


Consultation Time

Where: CSSE rm 2.14
Time: Wednesday 12-2pm
No appointment needed.



  • [14 Feb 2020] This unit currently has 190 CITS3403 students and 40 CITS5505 students enrolled. Almost twice as many as last year!
  • [14 Feb 2020] Labs, lectures and workshops all start in week 1.
  • [24 Feb 2020] Update: Labs will be starting in week 2.
  • [24 Feb 2020] Welcome to the first day of semester. The first class will be the lecture on Wednesday at 2.

Exam Information

The format and examination points

Details of the examination topics and structure will be discussed during Week 13's review lecture.

This year the exam will be conducted via Examplify, and a deferred assessment will be offered to students for whom this is not suitable.

The form of the exam will be change slightly from previous years. More extensive references will be made available for students, and there will be fewer questions requiring students to recall definitions, coding conventions and syntax. However the general form of the questions will be similar to previous years, and students will type answers into an textarea.

A sample examplify exam will be made available shortly

Past Exams


The following three references will be printed out for everyone of you as references. You DO NOT need to print it yourself. Just get familiar with the format of each reference.

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