Lecture slides

  1. Lecture1

  2. Moore's law© Tim Mattson, Intel Corporation

  3. Lecture 2

  4. A video on process states

  5. A video on stack and heap

  6. Videos 4 and 5 are for self-study to refresh your knowledge of execution environments of programs and process states. I will answer questions on these.

  7. C lecture

  8. FORTRAN Lecture

  9. Lectures 6 and 7 are for self-study, to refresh your C and Fortran programming knowledge. However I will answer questions related to C and Fortran.

  10. OpenMP lecture
  11. OpenMP with Fortran
  12. OpenMP tasking by Ruud van der Pas

  13. OpenMP Dynamic scheduling

  14. Lecture on Spark

Tim Mattson's lecture on OpenMP. Please note that there are several versions of Tim Mattson's lectures on YouTube and I haven't checked all. Some may cover OpenMP more elaborately than others. You are welcome to explore. -->

1 MPI Introduction (Nicholas Pritchard)

2 Point to Point (Nicholas Pritchard)

3 Collective Communciation (Nicholas Pritchard)

4 Process Topologies and MPI-IO (Nicholas Pritchard)

5 MapReduce (Nicholas Pritchard)

6 MPI Alternatives and Unit Review (Nicholas Pritchard)

Introduction to MPI

MPI through examples

Advanced MPI


Final exam paper (2014)

Final Exam paper (2016)

Final exam paper (SHPC-Fortran)

Final exam paper 2017

Copyright notice: I will use several different lecture slides in this unit along with my own slides. I will sometime mix my own slides with other slides. However, in all cases the copyright of the slides that I use from other sources are held by those presenters. Some of those presenters are Tim Mattson, Lei Huang, Barbara Chapman and Ruud van der Paas.