Development of Apple iphone and ipad Apps for a Web-based Physical Activity and Wellness Recording Tool

Last year, we (with help from CITS3200 students) developed a web-based software that enable users to enter details of their daily physical activity and wellness data to be used for research and teaching at the School of Sport Science Exercise and Health. This software also provides various types of reports for users and administrator / researchers. The web-based nature of the diary means that it is convenience to users and can be access anywhere in the world.

We received excellent feedback from the community that trialled the software. We are hoping take it another step forward by creating an Apple iphone/ipad application that enable users to access the tool. This will greatly improve convenient and therefore accuracy and compliance when subjects are required to enter data for an extended period of time. It is envisaged the application will be used by participants to set-up and enter data only and not the administrators to manage the program or information.


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