Mapping of Project Teams to Projects

3200_1HarrisSAGE Accommodation Booking System
3200_2FruhenAutomation and wellbeing
3200_3SequeiraGlobal marine megafauna database
3200_4WenzelPulse Survey Web App
3200_5JegathesanResearch Projects Database
3200_6FraschiniOnline Feedback for foreign language learners
3200_7OuzmanPerth Graffiti Archaeology
3200_8McLennanConference program converter
3200_9KnightMobile Radio Repeater Monitoring
3200_10PesichVirtual Historical Campus Tour
3200_11WieseIOT Sensor
3200_12SequeiraGlobal marine megafauna database
3200_13WenzelWorkforce Analytics Dashboard
3200_14BrittendenTracking student attendance
3200_15FraschiniOnline Feedback for foreign language learners
3200_16CleaverGrant Review Automation
3200_17BekkiGalaxy classifcation tool
3200_18BraunlInteractive Robotics in WebGL
3200_19McLennanConference program converter
3200_20LeeDigital Health for malignant effusion
3200_21Wenzel360 Degree Feedback App
3200_22WenzelWorkforce Analytics Dashboard
3200_23RavanbakhshAI to quantify snails on farms
3200_24WenzelPulse Survey Web App
3200_25LeeDigital Health for malignant effusion
3200_26HomeUnigames Library Webapp
3200_27WieseIOT Sensor
3200_28NowakLabShare Community Mobile App
3200_29BrittendenTracking student attendance
3200_30JegathesanResearch Projects Database
3200_31CleaverResearcher Metrics Automation
3200_32HomeUnigames Library Webapp
3200_33KeatingThe UWA e-waste ecosystem
3200_34FruhenDangerous Decisions
3200_36KeatingThe UWA e-waste ecosystem
3200_37ChenAdmin Software for SDURI
5206_2RavanbakhshAI to quantify snails on farms
5206_3Hassan3D DIC in Python

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The University of Western Australia
Last modified: 30 July 2020
Modified By: Michael J Wise