CITS3200 Group x


Minutes of Meeting 5 held on September 2, 2009

Present:            Fred, Jane, Charlie, Jason

Apologies:        Kevin

Absent:             Samantha

Meeting Started: 2:00pm




5.1 Matters arising from minutes of meeting 4


  • Item 4.3: Fred got a simple php script running on projects.cs
  • Item 4.6: Jane clarified with Client that pink bubbles were required on the header page


5.2 Client Requirements


Jane, Kevin and Jake agreed with Client that

  • date checking of input is required
  • Names to be verified against a list of customers


Kevin to check if Client wants summary reports


5.3 System

A database scheme is required to test PHP functions. Charlie to design and implement on MySQL.


5.4 Date of Next Meeting

Monday 12 September, 11-12, library meeting room.
























Meeting Closed: 3:00pm