List of Project Team Members

Team: 5206_1
First NameSurnameEmail
WuWen[email protected]
ChangSu[email protected]
JiahuangZhang[email protected]
HangQi[email protected]
YinZhong[email protected]
Team: 5206_2
First NameSurnameEmail
AnkitaBhagat[email protected]
Thanh DuyTang[email protected]
HuanyuZhou[email protected]
ChandanaKaranam[email protected]
LiminZhou[email protected]
Team: 5206_3
First NameSurnameEmail
KangLiu[email protected]
Yit TsinChooi[email protected]
HaoLi[email protected]
ZhuojunYang[email protected]
ManpreetKaur[email protected]

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The University of Western Australia
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