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CITS4407 Open Source Tools and Scripting

Unit overview for 2017

Welcome to the website for CITS4407 in 2017. All online material for the course will be published here. No unit material is published in UWA LMS.

This unit introduces students to the philosophy, design, tools, and practices that enable and facilitate the success of open source software, which runs much of the world's computer infrastructure. Important topics covered include the use of the shell as a programming language, the use of the file system and pipes to support interprocess communication, fundamental software components, tools supporting the software development and maintenance process, and the importance of consistent interfaces to support software integration.

Unit coordinator

Dr Chris McDonald,, Rm 2.20 Computer Science building.

Class sessions

Mondays 1pm-4pm, in CSSE Lab 2.01.

Office consultation

Wednesdays 9am-11am in Rm 2.20 of the CSSE Building, or email for an appointment.


The assessment for CITS4407 comprises three practical assignments, and a written essay. No final examination.
The written assignment and all programming work is submitted using cssubmit. As the semester proceeds, your marks will be updated and recorded in csmarks.

Assessment % of final mark Due date
 Assignment 1 20% - individual work  5PM Tuesday 21st March (wk-4)
 Assignment 2 20% - individual work  12noon Friday 7th April (wk-6)
 Written essay 30% - individual work  12noon Friday 2nd June (wk-13)
 Assignment 3 30% - teams of 2  12noon Friday 2nd June (wk-13)

Learning Objectives

By undertaking this unit, students will:
  1. describe the role of software tools and their integration through scripting languages;
  2. recognise the importance of consistency in software tool interfaces; and
  3. identify and deploy fundamental software components that facilitate software integration and re-use.


Before undertaking this unit, students are strongly encouraged to read the university policies that apply to this unit:

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