CITS4402 Computer Vision

Material and Schedule

(Note: Lectures are on Monday each week from 11:00AM to 1:00PM in CSSE Seminar Room 1.24.)

Below is a schedule of the 12 topics that will be covered in the lectures. Lectures will be recorded and available through the Lecture Capture System in LMS. Additional materials will be added as the unit progresses. Please refresh this page regularly to retrieve the latest materials.

Week # Week starting Lecture Labs and Projects Assessment
1 Mon 26 Feb 1. Introduction, image formation, state-of-art computer vision
No labs
2 Mon 5 Mar 2. Binary Image Analysis
Lecture 02 slides
Week2 lab Lab solution due on Tue, Mar 13 @4pm
3 Mon 12 Mar 3. Fourier Transform
Lecture 03 slides
Week3 lab Lab solution due on Tue, Mar 20 @4pm
4 Mon 19 Mar 4. Grayscale Image Analysis
Lecture 04 slides
Week4 lab
(make groups for the project)
Lab solution due on Tue, Mar 27 @4pm
5 Mon 26 Mar 5. Edge detection
Lecture 05 slides
Week5 lab Lab solution due on Tue, Apr 3 @4pm
6 Mon 9 Apr 6. Recognition and classification
Lecture 06 slides
Week6 lab Lab solution due on Tue, Apr 17 @4pm
7  Mon 16 Apr 7. Feature extraction (Matlab Code for SIFT matching)
Lecture 07 slides
PROJECT work starts
8 Mon 23 Apr 8. Camera calibration
Lecture 08 slides
Work on research project
9 Mon 30 Apr 9. Projective geometry (Matlab Code for Height Calculation)
Lecture 09 slides
Work on research project
10 Mon 7 May 10. Stereo, epipolar geometry, and structured light systems
Lecture 10 slides
Work on research project

11 Mon 16 May 11. Optical flow and tracking
Lecture 11 slides
Work on research project

12 Mon 21 May 12. 3D shape analysis and matching 
Lecture 12 slides
Work on research project

13 Mon 28 May 13. Revision and Discussion about Exam
Lecture 13 slides
Research project demonstration
 Project Code & Report due on Fri Jun 1 @4pm

Exam Paper 2014 and Solution

NOTE: The exam paper will follow the 2014 exam pattern. In 2018, it will consist of questions that require short answers (No MCQs in 2018). More on this in the last lecture.

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